Shattered Throne


Weapon rolls found here

First Encounter

Pillar Room

Range Weapon Increase.png

Starting the dungeon, you will be faced with a very large open space. This is probably the most time consuming encounter in this dungeon.

After killing the first taken Knight, a symbol will appear in the first room. The symbol is random and changes in every attempt of the dungeon.

With the new symbol, you will need to go to its location found on the map shown to the left. You will need to repeat this until you have visited all the symbols in the order they appear. Defeating the final enemy will reward loot, and a door will open in the floor. Follow it to the next encounter.

First Encounter Opening.png

After the first encounter, follow the path until you reach the side of a cliff, you'll need to jump down, and clear enemies as you go.
After defeating all the enemies, you will reach a large doorway that opens up to a large room.

Descent Jump Down.png

At this point, you may want to change to a long range weapon;  Scout / Bow / Sniper, etc

There will be Taken Hobgoblins on either side of this large room, as well as taken Knights, and Taken Phallanx's. Eliminate all enemies in this room and proceed to the next one.

Once you've reach this room, there will be small beams connecting the pillars. You will need to walk on these beams from pillar to pillar until you reach the other side. 

As you progress, taken Ogres and blights will spawn at the base of the pillars. Take out the Ogres with your ranged weapon, they have a powerful pushing attack that will knock you off the beams. Avoid the taken orbs.

Once you've reached the other side, you will walk through a door way, this area will slow you to a walking speed, prevent you from double jumping, and you will not regenerate health.

Traverse Ogre Encounter.png
Jump down to progress
Ogres and Blight's spawn here
Equip a range weapon for this room

Bridge Walkway

First Boss, Vorgeth

Thrallway & Secret Chest 1

In the Thrallway, you will find the first secret chest.

After walking into the slow room, walking forward until you need to turn left, go up to the railing instead, center yourself to it and jump over.

Thrallway Secret Chest 2.png
Thrallway Secret Chest.png

There will be a small beam in the center at the bottom of the pit, falling further will kill you. Land on the beam.

Thrallway Secret Chest 3.png

The secret chest will be in the small room at the end of the beam. Collect the chest and jump into the portal behind it. It will bring you back to the top of the slow room were you originally jumped off.

Jump down at the centre
Land on the small beam
Secrete chest #1

Follow the rest of the path in the slow room, until you reach a balcony and jump over it through the taken film to leave.

Make your way across the next area, avoid the exploding walls on the left, follow the path of enemies and reach the first boss encounter

First Boop Wall.png
Exploding Walls
Reach this doorway

Path to first boss

Recommend taking a void weapon, to break the shields of the witches that will spawn around the map.

The premise, you need to kill 4 witch's around the map, once you do, they will drop an orb that you need to collect. These orbs will last 45 seconds after pickup, so you need to kill the next witch quickly. Picking up another orb will reset the time to 45 seconds.

Once you have 4 collected, you can deposit them at any of the 4 deposit locations. (Right side picture for what they look like)

After they are deposited, you can now damage the boss. The boss is a Taken Ogre, and will shoot you from range, or stomp you up close. He will also shoot orbs that track you. Preferably a Well Warlock, Bubble Titan. Hunters will have the hardest time in this. Focus on damaging the boss to finish the encounter.

Ogre Witchs Void.png
Bank Ogre.png

Witches with void shields

Witch #1
Start here
Witch #2
Witch #3
Witch #4
Ogre Boss
Deposit Location
Deposit Location
Deposit Location
Deposit Location

Deposit the collected orbs here

Start on the left as enemies spawn

Ascension & Secret Chest 2

After the boss room, there will be a elevator, surrounded by 4 witches with solar shields. Eliminate them but do not go up the elevator yet.

Head to the right side of the platform. Consume a Tincture of Queensfoil, one should have been received from the first secret chest.

After consuming it, invisible platforms should start appearing as shown. Follow them up to the second secret chest. Once collected, head back and go up the elevator

Tincture of Queensfoil.jpg
Secret Chest 2.png
Secret Chest 2-1.png
Tincture of Queensfoil
Platforms appear
Boop Wall 2.png
Secret Chest 2

A series of elevators and hallways are between you and finishing the dungeon. Follow them, clearing enemies on the way.

The final stretch will have a long set taken explosions along the wall. Once passed, the final elevator will be there

Final Boss, Dul Incaru

Deposit here
Void Shields
Follow the elevators to the top
2nd set of exploding walls
Boos Room.png

Weapon rolls can be found here

The final boss is oddly enough, easier to defeat then the taken ogre. There are 3 giant Knights in the middle of the room. Defeat all of them to get a damage buff x3.

A well placed super at the beginning works, or, taken them down evenly, when they get low on health, they will start moving much faster. Once one buff is picked up, the damage phase can start, although having all 3 gives the best damage bonus. If you take the knights down slowly, a crystal may spawn occasionally, this will cause the Knights to be immune. Shoot the crystal and the Knights will be damageable again.

There should be no trouble in defeating the boss in 1 phase, but incase you do not, jump onto the center platform before the timer goes out. If the damage buff timer runs out, the player will die. The Knights will re-spawn, rinse and repeat the earlier steps.