Reaper's Bones

With the release of the Emissaries and able to gain reputation, the values shown below are not reflective of any emissary level. They are the base values. Take the value of the loot and add the emissary grade modifier below.

Emissary Grades

Grade 1 : +25%
Grade 2 : +50%
Grade 3 : +75%
Grade 4 : +100%
Grade 5 : +150%

Broken Flags

All items from all other factions can be sold to the reaper faction. Browse the other faction pages to see what they're worth.

Broken Flags worth varies based on the level of the sunken emissary ship. Higher level gives more money.

Mermaid Gems

Sapphire Gem


Emerald Gem


Ruby Gem


Mermaid Gems are unique, as they have a fixed price, but can also be sold to ANY faction. It's recommended to sell them to the faction that you have the least reputation points towards, or your current emissary faction.

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