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The Entrance

This first part is not really an encounter, but its the entrance to the dungeon, and it introduces the main mechanics of the dungeon.
The dungeon revolves around the usage of Dark and Light motes. These motes are made based on were the player is standing when they kill the Knight. The borders of the screen will also show a dark aura, or a bright aura.

Collect 5 motes of either Dark or Light and bring them to the pillars to cleanse them.
Repeat this until you reach the first encounter.

Light Motes.png
Dark Motes.png
Dark Motes
Light Motes
Light-Dark Entrance.png
Light and Dark Pillars

Phalanx Echo

The first encounter room is very small, the idea is exactly the same as the entrance. 4 pillars in the arena, 2 light and 2 dark. Once the encounter starts, Knights will spawn around the map, and the boss, Phalanx Echo. The boss will remain immune to damage until all 4 pillars have been cleansed.

As you cleans pillars, rings around the arena will rotate, changing were the dark and light areas are on the map. Keep         re-positioning until you cleanse all 4 pillars.

Defeat the boss after his shield drops.

First Encounter.png
Cleanse 4 pillars

The Cube

Toland Blights.png

The Wasteland & Secret Chest

Blight Encounter.png
Toland Exit.png
Secret Chest.png

Entering the wasteland, you'll need to find a set of 3 blights. Once you do, destroy all 3 and defeat the enemies.

After all 3 blights are gone, find Toland, a white whisp hovering near the middle of the 3 blights. As you get close to him, he will vanish in a specific direction. The direction points the area were 3 new blights appear. Repeat the same action 2 more times, until you receive a message that states "A doorway opens"

Destroy the 3 blights

Find a doorway that has Toland hovering at its doorway. This is the exit to the next encounter.

During the wasteland encounter, there is a secret chest to find. Search for these ruins below. From the entrance of the wasteland, head slightly to the right until you reach nearly the end of area.
Head inside the small hidden entrance to find the secret chest.

Follow Toland around the map
Find Toland near the exit door
Secret Chest

The cube encounter can be the most annoying encounter in this dungeon. With this encounter you need to cleanse a specific pillar. The pillar is dependent on were Toland is. Toland will appear in the circle space above the pillar. Collect the correspondent Light or Dark motes required to cleanse the pillar below Toland.

After the pillar has been cleansed, the center of the arena will be lit up. Gather in the middle of the hit to be raised up and teleported to another side of the cube.


Repeat this process up to 6 times to cleanse the cube 6 times. Occasionally, you may come across Toland on the ceiling, you will need to cleanse any pillar of choice, in order to rotate the cube so you may cleanse the side Toland is on.

After finishing the cleansing portion, the final room will spawn 2 bosses. They will be relatively easy to defeat. After they are dead, the chest will spawn and the encounter is over.

2nd Encounter 2nd Page.png
2nd Encounter.png
Toland will appear in these circles
Toland above a Dark pillar
Toland above a Light pillar
Toland on the ceiling

There is brief section to traverse the wasteland again. Follow the path to the right, follow the boss along the way. Reaching the end will open up a new doorway to go through.

3rd encounter path .png

The next section is a sparrow riding one. Race to the bottom of the ribbons. There are many paths that you can take, it does not matter which one you take. When you reach the bottom, stop at the entrance. There is a secret chest in it.

2nd Chest.png
Rainbow Road.png
Secret Chest 2.png
Secret Chest Door.png
Final building, look at the bottom right
The secret chest will be at the end of the hallway

At the end of the ribbons, there is an elevator that will bring you to the entrance of the boss room

Go into the hole hidden in the corner
Follow the Kell of Echos to the next doorway
Head up the elevator
Follow the path down the ribbons

Final Boss, Kell Echo

Deadsea & Secret Chest

In the last encounter, you need to use the cleansing mechanic to clear the room in order to do boss damage.

The room is shaped in a triangle. When you enter, the boss will appear in all 3 corners, along with a pillar of light or dark in front of them. The bosses will constantly shoot you throughout the fight until you cleanse the pillar. Once the pillar is cleansed, the boss will vanish and be replaced with a killable Ogre. 

Once each boss section has been cleansed, head to the center of the room

Boss Room Corner.png
Damage Phase.png
Ogre Boss Room.png
Boss and Light pillar
Ogre spawns after Boss is cleansed

Once in the room with floating platforms, the boss will appear in front of you. This is the damage section of the boss fight. The boss will shoot you, and throw a large taken blight wave at you. When hit by it, you will be teleported backwards and forced to work your way back to the boss.

It's important to stay near the boss, at least one or two platforms away. If you stay far away, you will start stacking a de-buff called Dark Entropy. If this stacks to x10, you will instantly die.

Following the boss along the platforms, deal with the hobgoblin snipers while damaging the boss as he goes along.

If you do not kill the boss in one phase, head to the top of staircase and stand in the sand. You will be teleported to the next room in the triangle area. Repeat what was done the first time to reach the next damage phase.

Final Chest.png
Stay close to the boss and jump from platform to platform
Final chest room after the boss

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