Pit of Heresy


Weapon rolls found here

First Encounter, Necropolis

Starting the dungeon, you will find a large chasm. It will have red crimson towers with symbols appearing above them. You will need to visit 3 specific towers and defeat 3 mini-bosses.

To find out which one you need to visit, head to the nearest one. If a mini-boss is not located within, you will be faced a giant knight. Defeating the knight, they will drop a hive relic sword. Using the sword is the only way to damage the mini bosses.

After defeating the Knight, look up at the chains and symbols held above. These are the towers that need to be visited and defeat the mini-bosses at these locations.

Each mini-boss can only defeated in a specific manner while wielding the hive sword relic.

Knight : Only light-attacks can damage the knight

Witch : Only heavy attacks can damage the witch

Shrieker : Only reflecting the shot fired by the shrieker will damage it

Starting Room.png
Starting Symbols.png
Visit the towers with these symbols above them
Symbols appear above the towers

After defeating all 3 mini-bosses, one of the red tower will have a beam of light that shines from it. Head to this tower, defeat the enemies at the base of it to complete the encounter. Collect the loot and head to the next encounter.

On your way, you will be faced with a wall of doors. None of these doors are your way forward. Look down to the bottom right, a pulsing light will appear between 2 doors, head down this path to drop down into the next encounter.

Light attacks for the Knight
Heavy attacks for the Witch
Block the Shrieker's attack
Wall of Doors.png
Bottom Passage.png
Jump down to the opening here
Pulsing light. Follow this path

Tunnels of Despair

The second encounter involves running around rooms, and hiding from ogres.

The ogres in this encounter are immune to damage, the only thing that can be done is to avoid them. The ogres will only patrol the main paths, they cannot fit in the cave rooms that are numbered.

The fastest path to follow, starting with the red arrows, head into the cave #3 and defeat the Knight. Pick up the orb and leave the cave, head down to the cliffside to avoid the ogre. following the cliffside, jump back up and turn the corner to deposit the orb at Gate 1.

Following the green arrows now, turn back the way you came and head into cave #1. Defeat the knight in this room and collect the orb. Deposit the orb just on the left side of the exit.

Again, turn back and head into room 2, now following the pink arrows. Defeat the knight in this room, and deposit the final orb in Gate 3. The ogres will flee, finishing this encounter.

Tunnels of Despair.jpg
Shrine 2.png
Bank Orbs.png
Deposit orbs here

Chamber of Suffering

This encounter will most likely be the most challenging one.  During the encounter, you will start stacking a debuff, Curse of Suffering. This debuff causes the player to take more damage the higher it goes. Around x5, anything will kill the player in 1 hit.

In order to finish this encounter, you need to do 2 things, killing knight, and standing in the center to keep the totem from killing everyone. Knights spawn 1 at a time, starting with the left side, going to the middle, and the right side. After killing a knight, more enemies will start spawning, including more knights above the arena bombarding the area. Standing in the center plate will cooldown the totem and keep it from killing everyone.

Once 6 orbs have been banked, the encounter will finish and enemies will despawn.

Stand here to stop the totem from charging
Knight on Left
Knight in Mid
Knight on Right

Destroy the yellow barrier behind the totem to proceed to the next encounter.

Drop down a hole, filled with traps until you reach the bottom.

Reaching the bottom, you will be faced with 3 symbols. This is the start of the next encounter.

Go to these 3 locations

This encounter is easy enough, but can be confusing navigating the area.
In order to open the doorway to leave, you need to go to 3 of the 6 locations shown on the map. The locations needed to be visited are shown at the end of the hole from the end of the previous encounter.

At these locations, you will find witches, and a couple acolytes. Defeat the witches. Once all 3 are dead, the door will open at the end, and you can proceed to the final boss.

Before starting the next encounter, head out the right doorway and turn around. There are hanging pillars, jump up the pillars to find a secret chest behind them. This chest has a chance of dropping moon weapon bounties.

Final Boss, Zulmak

The Harrow Map.jpg
Secret Chest.png

The Harrow & Secret Chest

Secret Chest
There are many traps in this maze

Weapon rolls can be found here

Boss Room.png

Mechanics of the final boss are very similar to the first encounter. Surrounding the boss, there are 3 towers, in each, houses one of the mini-bosses from the first encounter. Kneeling at the base of the towers, are large knight's wielding the Hive relic swords. You will need these swords to damage the mini-bosses, same as the first encounter.

Once a mini-boss is defeated, they will drop an orb. This orb needs to be banked at the base of towers in front of the inner circle. Once all 3 orbs have been banked from each mini-boss, the inner ring will light up with green hive effects. In order to damage the boss, you need to stand in the inner circle with the boss. During the damage phase, cursed thrall will spawn and will kill you if they blow up too close.

If you do not kill the boss in 1 phase, the boss will drive his sword into the ground. This marks the end of the damage phase. You will need to evac the center area, if you stay too long, the boss will wipe anyone staying in the center.

Repeat the same steps until the boss is defeated.